Hello, hello.

You're likely here because we’ve met in a classroom or a trusted friend suggested you look me up.

I am an Executive Development Coach, Writer, and Communication’s Teacher, grounded in Experience Design, Storytelling, and a wholistic human based perspective. I founded Storywell Creative over a decade ago as a platform to provide services in the many ways that folks want to engage with me.

Broadly, I use communication challenges as a site to create transformative, profoundly inter-relational conversations. My gift is that I show you how to do exactly this work as a leadership practice.

I also do remarkable things with story from individual life story to brand story.

Years ago I fell in love with the mystery of story.  I've spent my life figuring out how that mystery is also a practice for everything from human connection to discovering how we're purposed and what to do when we get stuck.

The shortest version of my story is a bumbling road of discovery from a Hollywood script analyst to a student of Jung to a corporate facilitator of design theory based rhetoric and poetics.  I've got teaching and consulting in my DNA so that I'm aligned with the Divine when I'm opening up your power and purpose as a communicator.

As much as Joseph Campbell found the gods on 42nd Street, I recognize those patterns inside organizations hungry for a bigger language to see through the epic challenges of the 21st century.

I've coached, ghosted, and consulted for over a decade in Advertising and Hollywood, developing projects, campaigns, and providing training in Mindful Communication and Leadership Identity. I've lectured for constituencies as varied as Goop, the LA Sherriff’s Department, hospital and counseling groups, Opus Archives, and trained internally across a vast array of organizations.  Additionally, I've taught every facet of story and writing process at college, and worked extensively in the non-profit world with story-based intensives for the underserved in Alchemy Inc., Manifestworks, and New Earth.

I continue to serve as senior core faculty for Silicon Valley based Duarte’s Academy, (the internal storyteller for the world’s biggest brands and the “Harvard” of corporate education). I've taught design theory based communication strategy to every sector, at every level, globally for years. I've helped develop Duarte’s story based curriculum, revising “Resonate,” co-creating the “Story Journal Method,”  and the development of Duarte's “Story Fundamentals,” and assisted in the Academy’s transition into virtual and hybrid training. As a senior facilitator, it's my joy to mentor facilitators in the art and craft of empathy based teaching.

I'm proudly LA born, bred, and based. I'll nerd out with you over all things story, all things cooking, and all things bubbly.


I help professionals be the person they want to be to lead projects, teams, organizations, and change.

That work depends on the need. Sometimes it looks like development coaching for an individual or a project. Sometimes it's helping you to find your voice, vision and story. Sometimes it looks like training teams in interpersonal storytelling skills. It's not just that I teach story. The way we work together is grounded in story. I'll listen to your stories. I'll tell stories. We find the way to whatever solve you need by way of story. The process is experiential, organic, and best of all, inspiring and empowering.

What the work always feels like is the most beautiful kind of education- together we cultivate you.

Mostly I'm a "Leadership Mentor," teaching business leaders how to become “intentional storytellers,” in a repeatable practice that works as much for high stakes communications as everyday interactions.

The skills I teach to are based in mindfulness, experience design, and narrative structure.

My current focus is dual: empowering professionals to create an intentional leadership practice grounded in design theory, story, and human connection and an inter-relational approach to Brand Story.